Thursday, March 19, 2015

HEM - Rooftop Details, part 1

Rooftop, with a skylight I botched pretty badly. It looks better now, but still needs some adjustments with tweezers, blades and brushes, but I think I can still use it.

First new detail... mangled copper (conduit?)...

...made from aluminum wire. Sorry for the blurry photo.

Second and Third new details, a roll of lead shielding, and a copper pipe...

...made from strip cut from an aluminum soda can, and some painted aluminum wire.

New details four and five, plank and copper patch...

...plank (scan original, print, glue to card stock, cut-out and weather with watercolors; copper patch, same process. The copper patch doesn't really work... it's too thick, so I'll replace it with something thinner. Perhaps a copper sheet patch cut from copper sheet? Nah. Not "papery" enough.

The toy collection so far. I feel like I'm building bits for a game of Clue "The Wizard, with the cooper pipe, on the roof next to the roll of lead shielding?".

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

HEM - Illuminating the Windows

There are roughly 500 tiny windowpanes on the High Energy Magic Building (HEM, a.k.a. The Squash Court), and it took a few days to cut them all out and fill with transparency.

I mixed greens, browns, yellows and grays to simulate dirty windows and replacement panes. Colors appear brighter here, but wash-out considerably when back lit.

Colored panes at top. Bottom window is all "clear" for comparison.

First wall done. I made the mistake of using a black marker to try blackening the cuts in the windows on the left. The black bled into the print, but I was able to fix the damage with colored pencils.

Back lit to check the cuts.

Next time - Doors and Assembly.

Replacement Woodpile

The Cut-Out Book has a lot of good points, but this woodpile, leaning against the HEM Annex isn't one of them, so I did some rework.

Here's the woodpile as designed.  Boring, boring, boringboringboring... I took it back apart and rolled it around a pencil tip. 

Glued in place, it now has a more full, random look.  I'll hide the dotted lines with planks and paint.

I printed some wood grain patterns and cut them into planks.

Gluing on some separate planks add to the 3D, feel, and the scattered planks on the ground increases interest in this small area between the HEM and the River Wall.

Done!  Next time - HEM rooftop details.

Lighting for the HEM Annex

At one of the Hallowe'en stores I found a light which I think will work for the HEM Annex.  Multiple colors flashing in a varying pattern... I wonder what is going on inside the Squash Court?  Click on link below to see a short video.

video link - Test Lighting the HEM Annex